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Training & Knowledge Transfer
Thursday, 24 April 2014

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Training and knowledge transfer are key elements for the realization of the solution, and later for the acceptation of the project by the key-users, end-users and business owners.


ENA's training and knowledge transfer consists of the following important building blocks:

  • Documentation
  • Project team training
  • End-user training
  • Knowledge transfer


The essential part of the training & knowledge transfer is documentation, which helps retaining knowledge and ensuring good quality transfer. Common documents will contain table entries, enhanced by screen prints (when appropriate), index convention for numbering the documents to facilitate tracking, review and change history section in each document, and configuration links.

Project Team or Key-User Training:
This step starts with Training Needs Analysis, concentrating on immediate tasks that need to be done early to ensure that the Project Team is sufficiently trained to execute the process. Then comes preparation for product / application release. Finally the project team get trained and prepared as trained trainers.

End-user training:
ENA's approach to end-user training is based on a proven methodology where the belief is that users learn best by doing. Our philosophy is one of flexibility and adaptability, offering the most appropriate methods and tools to meet the specific needs of the business. Given customers' desire that key users will train the end-users, ENA proposes "Train the Trainer" as the preferred method of delivery.

Knowledge transfer:
ENA's approach on knowledge transfer from the project team to the application management team is characterized by early, continuously and intensive involvement. Additionally we will set up a handover documentation and procedure.


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