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Friday, 25 April 2014

We Are Here To Help Making IT Issues Easy For The Customer

ENA's services will help you through a combination of expertise, methodologies, tools, and certified partners. Our offerings span all phases of your solution life cycle, from IT planning to software implementation to training and after sales services. 


ENA helps you to align your IT and business strategies; get your software up and running fast; and keep it operating at top level.


ENA's professional services team aims at being the trusted advisor of small and medium size enterprises and large organizations. Our approach is based on the idea of addressing IT issues on business terms. Our services include:



We constantly strive to identify and eliminate constraints that can affect our relations with our customers.  We consider this an extremely important factor in ensuring the quality of service our customers deserve.  Our customers have direct access to our consultants on demand. Through our web service, our customers have real-time access to project status information with regard to costs incurred and utilized time. 

ENA's terms of business are simple, flexible and transparent.  The terms and conditions are subject to the characteristics of projects and their scope.



 ENA implements Industry specific solutions and provide services to a variety of sectors, including multiple types of manufacturing, wholesale and retail, distribution and Financial Services. However ENA is most widely known for the ENA Import and Dealer Management Solution for Dynamics AX (ENA IDMS). 



 We are a focused Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft BI and Cognos BI team and we have the references and certificates available to demonstrate our capability to deliver. ENA's expertise is multidimensional and refers to our ability to positively impact our customers' people and business.

  • We are experts in the methodology needed to succeed in implementing new business management solutions. 
  • We are experts in setting up and maintaining the right service environment for a progressive and sustainable future for our customers. We know how to put together the right team for each project, we have both the skills and tools for major and minor development tasks and we have in-depth knowledge in multiple industries and strong skills and expertise in many business process areas.


You can trust us!


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